Monday, November 23, 2009

Movie of The Week

As I begin my journey into this blog... I will give you reviews, opinions and others opinions on movies I have watched, from the just released to the very old.

My movie of the week is....


Watch a clip here.

Although this movie isn't the greatest and is a bit flat, sometimes I like overly depressing, rural settings. And lets not mention that Anna Sophia Robb is one to keep your eyes on.

A Wonderful Movie

The Coen Brothers never seize to impress me, amaze me and entertain me.
Everything they do is so real. They are talented, witty and fucking hilarious.
But, like I read on Rotten Tomatoes, If you are not already initiated into the Coen World,
then this might be rough sledding for you.
Other wise, you will love it.
Not their best, but definitely wonderful.   

Amelia NOhart?

Amelia Trailer

^^Watch the new Hilary Swank Movie in HD on youtube.

What do you all think about it? Did you see it?
I heard some terrible things about it.


Didn't really please the Public

Let's talk about how I have always been a fan of Johnny Depp. His movements are so smooth, his lines delivered with such perfection. He is what many actors want to be. I was incredibly excited for this movie to come out... Needless to say I was dissapointed.
Public Enemies is an action thriller romance, with a little less action and a lot more romance. The two parts that really captured me were the men walking up the steps into this bank, the camera makes a wide angle and these five men in their trench coats just glide up the steps, Epic. The second, He escapes from prison for the twentieth time.
It seems to me that Hollywood is producing all these movies based on real people and real stories with no investigation on who these people were. Not watching old archive footage, making it too much about the wardrobe and the sexy woman who is distraught and less about the actual man, who is very fascinating.
It was okay for what it's worth. Only because it's Johnny Depp shall I support this movie.